January 5, 2015

Finally...A Home for My Polish!

I have news! I have news! I've finally made the smart decision to invest in a nail polish rack for all my pretties, and I could not be happier about it. What an awesome New Year's treat. Read on for deets! (Hey, that rhymes...)

I purchased this rack from Amazon.com for about $40. It's meant to hold 96 bottles, but since I have a few slimmer-shaped bottles like Julep and Hard Candy, I was able to get 98 in. With my current collection at 103, that leaves 5 of my babies without a home, so they're just sitting on my dresser until I convince myself I need a second rack...

I chose to organize by brand as opposed to color because it just makes the most sense to me. Plus, I feel like my polishes need to be with their "family." I know. Don't judge me.

Do you own a rack or any other kind of storage system for your polish? How do you organize your collection? Let's chat in the comments section.


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