September 20, 2014

Zoya Entice & Ignite Fall 2014 Collection!

Pumpkin spice-flavored everything, over-sized hoodies, and piles of crunchy leaves. My favorite time of the year is here: Fall! I got my hands on the Zoya Entice & Ignite Fall 2014 Collection, and it is lovely and perfect for the season! Read on for swatches and my personal picks from the collections.

First off, I am so stoked about being able to finally use my new swatch sticks! So, let's get right into it. Up first is the Ignite collection. Check out more after the jump!

From left to right:

Sansa: deep eggplant with a gold metallic sparkle
India: deep, luxurious red with a gold liquid metallic shimmer
Remy: brilliant indigo with copper and gold liquid metallic
Teigen: pink toned cranberry with a copper liquid metal 
Yuna: warm grey with copper and gold liquid metal
Autumn: varnished copper liquid metal

Now, on to the Entice collection: 

From left to right: 

Ryan: classic indigo 
Veronica: brilliant red wine
Nyssa: milk chocolate brown
Margo: modern red plum
Genevieve: cool leather gray
Claire: warm, rich burgundy

My favorite collection is Entice, just because I have a deeper affinity for cremes. Ryan and Veronica are my fave shades. From the Ignite collection, my picks would be India and Yuna. What about you? Which shade and collection is your favorite? What's your favorite thing about Fall? Let's chat in the comments section!


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